Published: July 8, 2016

Grant Acquisition for City of Vidalia

City of Vidalia

Sabiston Consultants has been advocating for the City of Vidalia since 2010, and their work has resulted in millions of dollars in grant money for the community.

The City of Vidalia has spent 20 years developing the Vidalia Port Project, a critical industrial and economic generator for Louisiana’s upper Mississippi River Delta. Since 2010, Sabiston has assisted the City of Vidalia in securing over $2 million for the port project through grants from federal agencies and federal appropriations.

The firm was also instrumental in securing $1.2 million in Public Work funds through the Economic Development Agency for the construction of a Technology and Broadband Center. The Center will house space for business incubation and be the distribution point for fiber optic cable crossing the Mississippi River from Natchez, Mississippi.

Published: July 8, 2016